Challenge: Gaining knowledge about a severe injury

                       Solution: Animal Connection

       Irene C. and her cat named Trouble live in New York state. Irene contacted me the first time because she wanted to know about several things in Trouble's life including how he had been severely injured.

Trouble and I had a long chat.  He told me how he loved being a cat.  He loved the physical abilities of a cat body and how athletic he could be.   Not to offend "dog people", he did tell me that dogs were pretty good too, but being a cat was special.

Trouble also told me about his life prior to Irene. He didn't have a family and this was the one thing he really wanted in life. He was just thrilled to live with Irene and be a part of her life.

Then Trouble told me about his accident.  He was jumping a fence on his way home and landed on a pile of wood. The wood gave way and his leg was trapped.  The only way out was to pull it free. This resulted in extensive injuries to his leg that required multiple surgeries.  He apologized for all he had put Irene through.  He said it was an odd accident and he didn't mean to get hurt.   He asked that this not keep him from the outdoors because he loves his outdoor adventures.

Irene said his description of the accident matched the veterinarian's supposition as to how it might have occurred, based upon the injury.   Irene agreed to let Trouble still play outside as he requested but in a future session, we had a real heart to heart talk about coming home when he is called.

That's Trouble..... always just in a bit of trouble!

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