Challenge: Head shaking horse means a limited life

       Solution: Animal Connection

Karen K. from Georgia contacted me about her young horse, Shariq. Karen had been to the veterinarian regarding Shariq’s problem but before going forward with many additional medical tests which the veterinarian felt would reveal little, Karen thought Animal Connection might be able to help.   

Shariq was a beautiful Arabian colt at the time who Karen raised from a foal and expected great things from in the show arena. Unfortunately, Shariq spent a good portion of his day shaking his head, a habit which the vet felt could probably not be cured medically. Even though Karen would keep Shariq under any condition, she knew that with this habit, he would barely be able to be ridden and not have much of a life.

Shariq explained why he kept shaking his head. He had the most annoying feeling just above his right eye that would come and go. His head shaking was his way to get rid of this feeling. He also explained that he knew there was actually nothing physical causing the problem but that didn’t make it any less annoying.

Shariq and I communicated about his great heritage and about his noble breed. We discussed how difficult it might be to ignore this phantom problem but I was also convinced in the short time I met with Shariq that if any horse could overcome this issue, Shariq could. We discussed methods he might use to move past this.

As in all my work, I am not in control of the animal’s behavior, however, I do try to find out what motivates them and I work toward correcting their behavior within that framework. In Shariq’s case, his love for Karen and his desire to please her was so strong that he was willing to try my suggestions.

I heard back from Karen in about 24 hours. She was excited. Although the head shaking was not completely gone, she felt it had been reduced by about 75 percent! She now had some hope that Shariq would have a good life.

So what happened to Shariq? Well take a look below. This colt went on to win the two year old colt class in his first show. He then went on to win Junior Champion Colt and was finally named Grand Champion Stallion.

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