Challenge: An animal coming toward the end of her life

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As our animal companions age, it is certainly normal for us to worry about what they are going through. Because they can’t verbalize their aches and pains, we tend to worry all the more.

I am frequently asked to communicate with an aging animal. Most people want to know if they are in pain and what they can do to make the animal’s last years comfortable. In communicating with these animals, I am always amazed at how matter of fact they are about the aging process. You see, they view it as just part of the life cycle and don’t attach the social implications that we people tend to do.

In one case, Candy G. from Colorado contacted me regarding her 15 year old dog, Oreo. It was obvious to Candy that Oreo was close to the end of her life and Candy wanted to know if Oreo was ready to pass away or needed help in moving on.

Oreo’s message is one that I hear many times from animals in this situation. Oreo asked me to tell her family how much she would miss them when she passed on. She also said she would always watch over them. She wanted Candy to know that animals live on.

Oreo also wanted Candy to know that she understood how sad her last days were for Candy. Oreo wanted to reassure Candy that she would go to a good place when she passed on. Finally, Oreo wanted Candy to know that if Candy had to help her pass on this was fine. Oreo knew that everything her family did for her they did out of love.

Oreo has now passed on. Candy continues to stay in touch with me and in an email she shared this message:

"Yesterday marked the year’s anniversary of our putting down Oreo. Although we had both hers and her mother’s ashes, we could never agree on where to put them.

A week or so ago, the issue was resolved. Both Oreo and her mother, Spring, had dug out a hole in front of the house. Oreo used to lie in the hole to sleep or observe the goings-on in the neighborhood. We thought about putting the dogs’ ashes in the hole, but at the same time, we thought either Ziggy or Cinny, our other dogs, might want to use it.

What resolved the issue was that I found a wild rose bush growing in that hole. The ground in there was packed down pretty hard. It was amazing that the bush could come up through it.

Last night, we put both Oreo’s and Spring’s ashes around the rose bush and then covered them with top soil."

It appears that Oreo is still watching over her family.

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