From People:

Q: Do you need to be with my pet to do a communication session?

A: No. In fact, I now have clients in all 50 states as well as Canada, England, Italy, France, China, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, India and Sweden. When I work with an animal, I am not working with their physical body. I am working with their thoughts and since thoughts have no physical boundaries, we don’t need to be together.

I do, however, need to have a good description of the animal or a picture, as well as their location. This helps me focus my attention on them.

Order forms are on my web site and a written report including the answers to your questions as well as anything your animal would like to tell you is emailed to each client after the session is completed.

Q: Can animal communicators communicate with animals who have passed away?

A: From what I have seen of other communicators, some are able to do this but not all communicators choose to do this type of work.  I do offer this service.  And I have helped many grieving families by contacting their animal companions helping to bring some closure to this event for them.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can an animal communication session help me?

A: The reasons why people want to contact their animals through an animal communicator are as many in number as there are animals. Some of the reasons Danielle has been asked to communicate with a particular animal include:

  • Curiosity about how a pet sees the world
  • Reassurance before a big show
  • Discovering the details of an animal’s unknown earlier life
  • Finding out if the animal wants to be bred
  • Reassuring an animal about circumstances that are going to impact them, such as vacation, kenneling, moving to a new location, surgery, emergency circumstances, or a new addition to the family such as a new pet or child
  • Investigating health issues
  • Checking with an animal when the family is considering to help them pass on
  • A pre-purchase session to determine if an animal wants to live within your circumstances

Q: Do all horses, all cats, all dogs and all birds, perceive life the same way?

A: I’ve actually found that each animal is as unique as each person. Some are wise, even at a young age, some are immature at older ages and each brings with them their own perceptions of the world based upon their experiences. I can tell you that they are greatly affected by their interactions with human beings. A kind person will be long remembered by an animal and all their human interactions really shape their perception of the world.

Q: You sometimes use animal quotes as if they are talking to you. Animals don’t really talk, do they?

A: Animals don’t talk in the traditional sense that you and I think of. When I communicate with an animal I receive information from them through their thoughts. I then interpret that information. Sometimes my mind receives and interprets the information as emotions that we share, pictures that I see in my mind’s eye, smell, taste and yes, I can also hear a conversation. Each of us who communicates with animals has their strengths in how that information is interpreted. For me, I mostly receive a conversation with emotions and pictures received from the animal. This is the way I interpret their thoughts.

Q: Do you have to have some special gift or talent in order to be able to communicate with animals?

A: I don’t believe you do. I’ve found that anyone can communicate if they just know how. But just like any other skill, you need to practice to improve your skills and many people don’t have the time or patience to do this.

I give workshops where people come to learn these skills and I’m pleased to say that just about everyone, by the end of the workshop, has some degree of success. It’s not that difficult but to become really proficient requires practice.


From Animals:

Ever wonder what the most common questions are that animals ask during a communication session?

Q: What kind of animal are you?

Explanation: Although I introduce myself as a friend of their human family, the animals can still be unsure of who I really am. Most of our animals are unaccustomed to having people communicate with them. Most have tried to communicate with people but the people don’t hear them. So when I communicate with them, they seem to have a sense that I am a person but they may need to confirm this.

Then they want to know how I can communicate with them but other people can’t. I explain that all people have the ability to communicate with animals but not everyone knows this or has taken the time to develop their skills. I can tell you that many animals I communicate with ask me to tell their human family that they would like to communicate with them this same way. They find it a way to get closer to the people they love.

Q: Where are you or where do you live?

Explanation: Depending upon where the animal lives, I try to reference my location to theirs.  Describing my location seems to have meaning for them and many tell me that other animals have told them about places they have never seen.

And what do animals tell me the most?

You probably guessed it. They tell me how much they love the people in their family and how much they are loved. Many tell me how much they appreciate all that their people do for them and they realize how fortunate they are compared to some other animals who are not as well cared for.

Thanks to all of you for making these heart-warming thoughts possible.

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