I want to thank my clients for all their kind comments about the work I do. Believe me, it is a pleasure working with all these fine animals and it is your comments that let me know I am helping you and your animals.   I know that many people are skeptical about the services I provide and that's to be expected. After all, it's not something you can hold in your hand or see sitting on the table.  However, what my clients do see are the results and effects of my time spent with their animals. I've included some comments below.  Please feel free to email me at AnimalConn@aol.com if you would like references.

Thanks for the email of your talk with Ty. It was amazing but he sounds exactly as I always imagined him - sort of a paddock geek but with a huge heart. And both his vet and his trainer have called him "sensitive", too, which matches your session.

Amazingly, today he almost nipped me but decided against it and my daughter swears he never yanked once on the reins due to your talk to him (tho she did give him a good warmup walk and a massage). She is already compiling a new list of questions for Tyler.

Thanks again. It is too amazing. Laura, Lindsay and Tyler H.,Kingwood, TX

Client Comments
Thank you so much for your message regarding your session with Joe. I am so excited!! I had a lesson scheduled today and before he hopped onto the trailer I did like you said and reminded him that he said he would try to be more willing.Just before we went into the arena I talked to him again. My coach says she has never seen him so energized or willing before. He went like a dream - light and responsive. Pam H.,Ontario, Canada

Thank you!! The Rusty session is wonderful. It really "hit home" with me. I have always thought he was special, wise and sageful. Brigid W., San Mateo, CA

Thank you so much for the communications. They are awesome and really give us all a better insight to our horses. I'm so glad they are happy because that is the most important.We have noticed a BIG change in our horses since you did the communication session with them a week ago. When my daughter was riding Titan, Dressy isn't jumping at the fence for her attention. She stays busy with her friends and glances over once in awhile. Titan is not as aggressive when Dressy returns to the paddock. Velvet hasn't kicked out in the barn at all. I'm still amazed at the changes.   What a wonderful gift you have and have given to us. Thanks again.. Mary D., Portsmouth, NH

Thank you so much for speaking with Skip and Ali. They are quite characters! Ali is a typical teenager! I had to LOL when he wanted to make sure you thought he was handsome. Everyone that sees him tells him how handsome he is, and he knows it. Cathy D., Mechanicsville, VA

I have read and re-read what you sent me - thanks again. In general Mariah is so much more relaxed. I suppose in a way I was skeptical when I wrote to you but even a friend of mine commented on Saturday how much more relaxed she was and almost not the same horse! I had not told her about the session at that stage. Thank you. Sue H. Victoria, Australia

I must tell you, before you spoke with Lestat, we were close, but now we're even closer! I keep thinking about how he told you we were "soul mates," and I just love him even more than ever! I didn't even think that was possible! Thank you for making my already wonderful relationship with this magnificent horse even better! Samantha H., Cary, NC

Well, I just read your report on conversations with Magic. My heart is still thumping! I don't think I can explain what I was feeling as I read. I can't tell you how helpful this is for me and reassuring.  Lynn S., Carthage, NC

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the session. I think you were right on with Sparky. I was also glad to know that Sparky is happy with us. Peggy Z., Sarasota, FL

I  read and reread the results from your session.  Bay Lee had an amazing lesson afterward. She was relaxed and just flowing. She looked like she was having fun! I really believe her mental state is improving a lot. This has been great! The horses and I have a much greater peace between us. And it's fun that others see a change in them! Thanks so very much!  Mary M., Fallbrook, CA

Thank you so much for talking to Coco. It really brought tears to my eyes to hear her pain. I will really try to help her work through this. This has given me some good ideas on how to work with her. I'm really glad.  Lisa R., Alexandria, VA

I just got your report and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I 'm sure that it will take many readings before I fully understand everything Dusky is trying to tell me. The answers were right on target. Amy R., Richmond, VA

And... comments made on Internet mailing lists and AOL message boards

I just had Danielle talk to my new puppy, Marley. I can't say enough good about this special lady. I really think Danielle is the best communicator I've ever contacted... and that's been a few. Wonderful lady, VERY helpful and honest and caring. My favorite part of the communication? She told me that Marley didn't understand she was staying with us, and that combined with low self esteem this was contributing to the behavioral problems we're seeing.. Then later in the session, she told us that "Alice", my 20 pound cat, was telling Marley that she wasn't staying. Marley also told Danielle that Alice liked playing "mind games" on her. <g> If you *knew* Alice, you'd understand why I'm so amused. Hit the nail right on the head! Shelley S. Redford Township, MI

I just had the pleasure of receiving a communication from Danielle Sender to my young 4 year old horse, Honey. I used Danielle to reassure Honey who is in training and who is up for sale. Although this is the best decision for Honey because it will move him from the pasture into the show ring I will miss him very much. I am 1000% satisfied with the session that Danielle had with Honey and I have given her permission to share it with others in whatever way she feels it will be helpful. I just wanted to let people know that I think that Danielle is great and that animal communication in this fashion certainly is worthwhile. Donna M., Plantation Acres, FL

We had a dog that kept jumping the fence everytime a storm was coming. She just started doing this after our older dog passed on last year.   Danielle Sender talked to her last week and tried to help her through this. The conclusion was that she couldn't control her emotions without some sort of steadying influence and none of the other dogs could do this. Sadie herself suggested getting her a blue bandana; said that she thought she would look really pretty and brave in it. So we did. And we "gave it magical powers of protection". LOL She has worn it through several storms in the past week (and we've had some doosies) and she has stayed on the porch and even slept through them. The only escape attempt was when my mom forgot to put the bandana on her one day. <VBG> Vonda S., Tillar, AK

From Teresa, a newsletter subscriber

The hearts of innocence
       Open up to you.
   Their minds
       Open up as well.
   You offer an ear
       And good council.
   You listen to what
       They will tell.

   The love they
       Feel from you.
   Helps them
       To understand.
   You ease their fears
       And conflicts.
   You help their
       Humans too.

   With all things said
       And understood.
   From my heart I feel
       This is true.
   I've counted all
       Of my Blessings.
   And one of my Blessings
       Is you.

Thank you all for your kind comments....Danielle

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