We at Animal Connection believe that our children are the future for our animals. Many children communicate effortlessly with animals but then lose this skill as they grow older. We hope that through all of you sharing the message of animal communication and  respect for animals, our relationships in the future with the animals of the world will flourish.

We hope you'll share these three short stories with your children and grandchildren.

My Best Friend, the first in the series, is about the special relationship between a boy and his dog. We recommend you read this first.

Then there is our latest story, Max Moves. A tale about how Max, the Black Labrador, came to live with his family.

And finally, Max Gets a License, continues the adventure between Max, the black Labrador and his best human friend, Cory.

We'd love to hear how your children like the stories... and of course, we don't mind hearing from the adults either!

Just email us at AnimalConn@aol.com.

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The Children's Corner