Challenge: Understanding a horse's past

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                                                                            Karro and Bobcat

Written by Lanie M.of Tuscson, AZ.  Lanie is Karro and Bobcat's person.

I would like to share a communication experience with my horses, Bobcat and Karro. Karro is my 7 year old Arab gelding and Bobcat is my husband's horse, who we rescued from the local livestock auction.

Karro has always been a handful, but I have always felt that he was worth the effort and had a good heart. Although he has hurt me on several occasions, I always knew that is wasn't intentional. Karro was his usual self with Danielle. She asked him why he always seemed fearful of his saddle and he replied that he didn't like the smell! True to form, he told her that he would work on his acceptance of it, but he would make no promises.

My other horse, Bobcat, was found at a livestock auction. For those of you who are not familiar with livestock auctions, most horses who are sold below current market value are destined for the slaughter yards. My husband and I were there to see how the animals were treated, as I had heard several horror stories across the country about harsh treatment, no water, no rest on long trips, etc. We were also there to see what the going price was, as current market for a rideable horse is around $1500.

To make a long story short, we walked out of there the bewildered owners of a horse that we knew nothing about! When we went back with a trailer to pick him up we were informed that our new horse had never been around people before. Great! Another project horse!

A few months later, I brought Bobcat home from my friend's boarding stable. Then I contacted Danielle to do another session for me. This time it would be for Bobcat to see where he was coming from. He had a very sad start to his story. He was separated from his family herd and transported to our livestock auction.

Danielle described where Bobcat had resided before his potentially fatal trip. She also told me how Karro felt about Bobcat and how he sympathized with him, but essentially felt helpless to do anything about it. Danielle told Bobcat that he would be treated well and taken on trail rides, eventually, and also pointed out how Karro did things with us people to get rewards. Bobcat replied that he would try, but that he was still sad about the separation from his herd mates.

We made all kinds of exceptions for Bobcat and let him take his time. When he was ready, he started to make headway in his training. Although he is still inherently distrustful of our actions, he is making outstanding progress. He has a halter on, he walks right up to us, he allows me to put a lead rope over his head and neck, and will let me scratch him back to his shoulder. This is incredible progress for a horse that used to cower in the farthest corner and hope that we would go away!

Thank you Danielle for helping both my boys!

Lalania M., Tucson, AZ

Lanie, you are more than welcome. There are times when knowing about our animal's unknown history can help us to help them. I'm pleased that Animal Connection was able to assist you in getting to know Bobcat and Karro better. ~Danielle Sender

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