Challenge: Moving two abused horses

       Solution: Animal Connection

To look at Bay Lee and Magic in their stalls today, they look like many other horses who are well cared for and loved. Unfortunately, this was not always the life they lived.

Mary M. contacted me in October 1997. Mary explained that both horses had been abused and had many emotional problems.  Aside from wanting to reassure them that they were loved and find out what their thoughts were about their lives, Mary had a more immediate problem. She was moving from Washington to California and the horses were slated to move too BUT….due to past abuse, they would not walk into a trailer.

Although Mary's trainer had worked with them for months, no progress was being made. As is the case many times, I was called as a last resort when traditional methods fail.

I began my work with Bay Lee and Magic by gaining their trust... not an easy thing to do with two horses who had learned not to trust people.  It took some time, especially in Bay Lee's case, but by the end of the first session, we were making progress.

Over the next few months, I communicated with Bay Lee and Magic and described their journey to California in detail. I continued to build their self-esteem and reassure them that the human family they now had loved them very much and would keep them safe.  They were not happy about the trip but they loved Mary and wanted to remain with her. With continued reassurance that they would be safe and see Mary again at the end of the journey, the big day was approaching.

There is a happy ending to their story. The day of the journey, Bay Lee and Magic walked right into the trailer without any resistance much to the amazement and delight of everyone watching. They are now flourishing in their new environment with the continued love and support of their human companion, Mary, who never gave up on these two sweet horses.

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Success Stories - Bay Lee and Magic